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Smartphone based


with Pictures & Maps


'Smart ITS' is a smartphone/cloud based tracking system that helps to track projects or complaints using their pictures and location maps. It includes a custom camera app that captures pics, GPS location and time in a single click and syncs them to the cloud server. Live applications include reporting of civic complaints like pot holes by citizens and a project tracking system that allows tracking of progress through pictures and maps.


  • Patent pending tool to capture and report issues with pictures, maps
  • Temper proof capturing of picture, location and time in a single click
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Powerful tool facilitating team work and collaboration
  • Works from any android phone, tab etc
  • Works smoothly on all versions of Android OS
  • Available any time 24X7
  • Available any where
  • Location accuracy level indicator on data capture screen to ensure highly accurate location capture
  • Powerful API to use it with any existing application
  • Easy installation via Google Play Store
  • Easy updates via Google Play Store
  • Email/SMS alerts for issues reported
  • Instant routing of issues to concerned officials via sms/email
  • Built on top of open platforms on the client as well as server side
  • Handles poor internet connectivity in the field automatically with built in data synchronization facility
  • Powerful compression and automatic size reduction algo to ensure faster uploads of data
  • Clean UI for a cool UX
  • 100% Native android code with fast and smooth flow unlike hybrid apps that can be slow and clunky
  • Simple work flow ensures great user experience
  • Extremely light weight - only 250 KB including graphics as on date.