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Product Info:

  • Powerful tool to report issues with pictures and maps
  • Easy to use - just 3 clicks to file an issue
  • 24X7 available
  • Report issues from where you are
  • Easy installation via Google Play Store
  • Works Smoothly on all android devices and versions
  • Automatic routing of issues to concerned officials
  • Email and SMS confirmations of issues reported

  • Our Smart ITS is currently used in following areas

  • MC CRAMAT - Civic issues like garbage, potholes, non functional street lights etc
  • Election Watch Reporter - Election issues like code of conduct violations and to track campaign expenditure by candidates
  • Suggest a Tree Spot - NGOs using it from manging tree plantation campaigns in cities
  • Project Tracker - Progress monitoring of construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, buildings etc.
  • OOH Tracker - Out of home advertisements tracking

    Useful for tracking anything spread out over a large area
    Our Smart Issue Tracking Solution is cloud based mobile/tablet PC software in which data is captured through smartphones/tablets and provides instant reporting of issues which saves both time and cost

    Live Projects Details

    Municipal Corporation - Citizens' Reporting And Mapping Tool

    In use by number of Municipal Corporation in India.
    Used by citizens to report issue to authorities
    Used by officers to document and report maintenance issues in the field

    Our Project Tracker helps in monitoring the progress of ongoing construction works and provides instant inspection and health report of projects which help companies to stay on track and also helps in improving the efficiency of engineers.

    Out of Home advertisement / Ad Tracking

    By using our Out of Home Advertisements / Ad Tracking System companies can get a comprehensive analysis of the status, quality and result of hoardings / boards put by them in different parts of the cities
    Few live examples of Out of Home advertisement / Ad Tracking are as follows -
    Example Tracking - 1 Example Tracking - 2

    In use by Association of Democratic Reforms and many other civil society organizations with an aim to report and track violations of election code of conduct and campaign expenditure by candidates during election

    In use by Green NGOs to increase green cover in city. They use this to create database of trees and places where trees can be planted for later use during tree plantations.