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P/Instalation of 12.5 HP T/W at Muradpura (59/G/33)

Sub ZoneC1
Work NameP/Instalation of 12.5 HP T/W at Muradpura
Estimated Cost (in lacs)2.12
Tender Cost (in lacs)1.51
AgencyAlfa Engg.Works
Work Order59/G/33
Date16 November 2013
Time Limit (in months)2
Physical Progress (in %)100.00
Bill Prepared (in lacs)1.51
Payment made (in lacs)0.00

Pictures, Location Maps of the Actual Site

1 Date & Time - 10 February 2014 12:03:36 PM

p/insatlation of 12.5hp T/W at muradpura
2 Date & Time - 24 February 2014 02:08:10 PM

p/insatlation of 12.5hp t/w at muradpura

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