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Suggest a Tree Spot

Our Suggest a Tree Spot system has been used by many NGO's and government authorities to increase the green cover of cities. It is based on crowd sourcing in which citizens send suggestions through our treespot system.

The citizens are required to take pictures of spots where trees can be planted during the coming monsoon season along with a feedback of about how many trees can be planted on that location.

This data along pictures and GPS location is then automatically send to the appropriate authorities so that they can plan out the tree plantation.

The District Forest Office (DFO) of Bathinda and Pathankot are actively using our Suggest a Tree Spot system to increase the green cover of their states and cities.

The same system can also be used to carry out tree census of a city according to the guidelines and provisions of tree act and rules. All tree points are then plotted on digital maps which helps in decoding that whether the tree cover in a city is increasing or decreasing.

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